Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcakes!!

Last night I went searching to try a new recipe for a cake filling.  I have a cake order this weekend, and chocolate is the requested flavor.  I knew I wanted something that would just meld with the chocolate, yet not be sickeningly sweet at the same time.  I wanted it to have almost a Nutella flavor.  

That relevation started on a grand google search and I found a couple recipes for Nutella buttercream, and a couple for a Nutella filling.  Let me tell you something, there is nothing better then taking someone else's recipe and then playing up its weak points, or just simply tailoring it to your own tastes.  I like to call them my Frankenstein recipes! 

I made up the Nutella filling first, and it was just missing something, so I added a single packet of instant hazelnut coffee.  OH MY STARS!!!  It came out awesome, I could eat it straight out of the bowl!  I then moved onto the icing.  This recipe did not call for any salt, and you could tell as it was sickeningly sweet, so I added a dash of salt, and another packet of instant hazelnut coffee.  (I used the little coffee singles you can get in the little packets)  

I baked up a batch of jumbo devil's food cupcakes and filled them with the filling and topped it off with the buttercream and have been afraid to try them!  I know it sounds silly, but I wasn't too happy with the frosting so I was timid about letting myself down since I had psyched myself up with the filling.  I needed a guinea pig.  I looked at them all day and as soon as Tony got home, I made him eat one.  These are not your average sized cupcake either, these are eat with a fork and probably share cupcakes.   He absolutely loved it, and actually ate the whole thing!  I was so excited, and of course now that my guinea pig says they are good, I had to follow.  

I literally bit into the best chocolate, coffee, hazelnut goodness ever!  I cannot wait to use this filling and icing this weekend.  Oh and for family and friends, there is still about 8 of these gooey goodness's left in the fridge, holla if yall want one!

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