Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Never seen myself as a "blogger"...but alast away we go!

I have recently had people asking me just how is it that you made that cake?  It's not an easy process as recent TV shows make it look.  The process for a home based decorator greatly differs from those that have a store front business, or the bakeries they show on TV.  The typically do not have access to the grandeur of a commercial kitchen, nor do they have assistants that can help them in creating a one of a kind display for you.  Now I don't envy someone who actually owns a storefront, a lot of overhead is involved to be able to create their masterpieces!  In that respect I will just stick with my little galley kitchen and pokey electric oven, and yes to all those asking, is where you will truly see how it is I made that cake.  I hope to be able to give everyone some insight into the process that is creating your masterpiece.

I am fairly new to the game in cake decorating, I still have a lot of skills to hone and learn, every one of my cakes is a learning experience.  In turn I find myself loving the next one I do even more.  I had a brief on the job learning of decorating cakes about 10 years ago and it started my bug.  After that I dabbled in a few cakes here and there, and even did a massive wedding cake that swore me off of them almost still.  (Yes that is what I said, I am AFRAID of wedding cakes!)  I then kept challenging myself, and quickly discovered my years of art direction in school was not put to waste.  I was a hobbyist for the longest time, but in November lost my job of over 8 years, that is one of the motivating factors in breaking out and jumping in with both feet.  It is time for me to persue something more for myself and my family, and since I have been unable to find employment, now is as good a time as ever.

In the next coming months I am going to be challenging myself and getting myself more out there.  I had so much fun with the last cake I did, even if spraying the airbrush in my kitchen caused my AC filter to turn orange lol.  It was still worth it.  Even more so to hear that the little boy was ecstatic to see it, and my cake made his day.  That is why I do what I do.  I want your cake to be yours and yours alone, made fresh and with the best tasting ingredients I can get.  That is the difference you get by choosing a decorator like myself verses your local bakery.  (Not knocking your retail decorators, they are talented and doing what they are mandated to do and are limited to the store they are employed)  But you won't get your typical "sheetcake" made from frozen cake and bucket icing from me :) 

So I will leave you with this, I may be buried in schoolwork, busy being a stay at home mom (and wife) to my sweet baby girl and her daddy, I am also here to make your cake for you and make your event the best it can be.  Just make sure it is on a small enough scale it will fit in refrigerator and a small focus sedan! (We all gotta start out somewhere lol)

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